Gemini Spirit Animal

The Giraffe

People born under the Gemini sign don’t always come with a twin, but they relish the companion of people. Because of this nature, they make excellent conversationalists and will excel in anything that requires handling of people. Spotting a Gemini in a party is quite easy too. Simply look for the guy or girl with something to say about everything. Aside from loving attention, they enjoy sharing knowledge with others. And everything they know about it was probably gathered from the adventures, experiences and stories they’ve been on and heard, the very aspects of life Geminids love.

The spirit animal for Gemini in Love is The Giraffe.

With The Giraffe, alongside your star sign card, you can expect any of these following energies: desire, romance, honor, optimism, soulmates, trust, love, perfect unions, partnerships, harmony, kindred spirits, sexual connections, relationships, major choices

In Reverse: imbalance, conflict, disconnection, disunion, trust issues, fickleness, disharmony, separation, lack of accountability, untrustworthy, unreliability, frustration