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The spirit archetype card associated with Taurus is The Survivor. As this card appears today the issue of is brought to your attention.

The Survivor

TAURUS :  May 13 – June 21

Tureens are the ones who will persevere under any conditions. They are extremely stubborn and like to do things their own way, but they can’t lead groups. They also tend to get lazy when they are given work that they don’t like to do. This arises from their stubborn mentality. They are independent but not brave enough to lead. They are extremely sensitive and even the smallest negative remark is taken personally.

The Survivor, as your star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: thriving, supporting, stability, reliable person, conservative, wealthy businessman, loyal, encouraging, mature grounded male, reaching goals, high status, cautious, enterprising, not a risk-taker, careful, steadiness, successful, hard work will pay off, bettering yourself, empire, provider, security, faithful, principled, dependable

In Reverse:, extortion, ruthless, poor judgement, discouraging, obstinate, cold, collapse of an empire, ungrounded male, unsuccessful businessman, disloyal, corruption, unfaithful, bribes, materialistic, hasty decisions, underqualified, slob, instability, uncaring, broke, calm, greedy, unsupportive, gambler

You can click The Survivor for more detail about how this card influences Taurus Spiritscopes but first let’s see if the influence is positive or negative and how strong it is.

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This Spiritscope is using cards from the Spirit Archetype Card Deck.

The term ‘horoscope’ can also refer to an astrologer’s interpretation of the astrological diagram. If an astrologer were to look at someone’s horoscope in relation to their birth, they would look at a chart of the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars relative to the person’s birthplace on earth.

About Taurus: Taurus has always been the symbol of strength and power. Tureens are believed to be strong individuals but although they are dependable because they have the habit of being outright helpful.  They are also naturally sensual people in all pleasure areas and they take delight on just about anything like food, a comfortable blanket and even flowers. Since they revel in things that give them comfort, they also have the tendency to revel in material things. Since they are strong-willed individuals, it is unwise to push people born under this star to do things that they are not committed. However, once they are committed to doing things, they put all their time, energy and effort to doing things. This is the reason why people born under this star are very passionate about love and romance.

This star sign card is part of the Taurus Spiritscope Reading with the Spirit Guide Card Deck.