Spirit Guides

A spirit guide is perhaps not what everyone thinks. For starters let me tell you a spiritual guide has nothing to do with religion, with the church or anything along those lines. Not all people involved in spiritualist churches believe in spirit guides as described here.  A spiritual guide is someone who first has improved himself on this earth, and because of this has chosen to help others on their spiritual path. We all have our spiritual guides, even those of us that don’t believe.

They are beings of light who are with us always, to guide us in our spiritual development, help and protect us. We perceive when we listen to our intuition, this voice that sounds within.

Your spirit guides can guide and advise you. They will tell you if there is anything you need to know.

Because of their experience in many issues of life, they can guide and counsel people about any problems, without making any distinction, it is a spiritual guidance.

They can help to many questions related to your spiritual evolution. It is the best way to know the essence of your personality at this point in your life.

Our guides are always there (and yes we have more than one) because they live in an instant of time as part of a collective consciousness. They never judge us, nor get weary of us if we take a wrong turn.   We can can have any number of guides either sex or no sex at all.

One thing we haven’t mentioned yet is love – the all important emotion that makes the world go round and especially in the spirit world. There are many different types of love but whilst we many have problems with affairs of the heart here on earth, you can be sure that love is unconditional in the spirit world.

We all have different views on spirit guides, some of us don’t believe at all, and that’s fine.  The following pages are some of the things people search for.  The content is of no value, awaiting revision, so if you have an opinion on any of these searches, please feel free to forward an article.  All  views will be respected regardless of whether they fit in with my own beliefs or are even in direct opposition.